Culinary Discovery Tours

Explore local markets alongside an expert chef in more than 25 destinations worldwide through Oceania Cruises' Culinary Discovery Tours™ on board Marina and Riviera. Take part in enriching excursions that focus on exploring the authentic flavors of a particular region, offering insight into both the colorful heritage of the cuisine and the culture. Dine at renowned local restaurants or visit a vineyard, chocolatier or artisanal cheese maker for a demonstration and tasting. Take part in hands-on cooking classes by expert chefs and master regional techniques back in The Culinary Center.


Explore the intimate ships catering to just 684 or 1,250 guests and see yourself visiting seaside villages that large ships cannot access.

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10-night Italy & Dalmatian Coast Voyage06/17/2024from $4,799

12-night Mediterranean Tapestry Voyage06/29/2024from $5,599

10-night Baltic Sea Beauty Voyage 07/16/2024from $4,749

12-night Eastern Mediterranean Gems Voyage08/02/2024from $5,399

12-night Alaskan Apogee Voyage08/16/2024from $4,049

10-night Portal to Antiquity Voyage09/03/2024from $4,499

10-night Gems of Occidental Europe Voyage09/13/2024from $4,499

11-night In the Path of Cartier Voyage09/25/2024from $4,799

7-night Aristotle's Treasure Voyage10/08/2024from $1,999

10-night Mediterranean Hideaways Voyage 10/26/2024from $2,999

24-night Amazonian Mystique Voyage11/09/2024from $5,999

16-night Beyond the Panama Canal Voyage12/23/2024from $4,149

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