Lindblad Spa

Fully recharge with treatments inspired by elements of the natural environment. Lindblad treatments will touch your senses and enhance your overall expedition no matter when you choose to havethem – as a mid-day pick-me-up, or as a way to end the day.

Massage Therapy

  • Humpback Whale Deep Tissue Massage.
  • Sea Lion Relaxation Massage.
  • Penguin Botanical Essence Massage.

Body Treatments

  • Marine Iguana Salt Glow.
  • Hummingbird Body Cream Polish.
  • Lava Lizard Mud Body Treatment.

Face, Hands and Feet

  • Sea Star Fish Hydrating Mask and Face Massage.
  • Flower Sea Urchin Clay Mask and Face Massage.
  • Three-toed Sloth Hand and Foot Massage.
  • Sally Lightfoot Crab Massage Hand and Foot Treatment.

Floating Spa
The floating LEXspa (The floating LEXspa is only offered on the National Geographic Endeavour) has been custom built to provide you with the right balance of shelter and exposure, while you experience the “tonic of Wellness.” 360 degrees of serene sights and sounds of nature – the floating Lexspa is positioned and anchored in a safe archipelago bay and the platform features a see-thorugh portal to view the underwater world.