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When Carnival launched their first ship, 1972's TSS Mardi Gras, they made cruising a lot less stuffy, a bit less fancy, the kind of fun everybody could enjoy. Nobody expected this ship to change the cruise world, but... here they are! So here’s a brand-new ship with a familiar name. With this Mardi Gras® they aren't just paying homage to their first ship — in cruising circles this name suggests innovation, signals the start of something big. Oh, and this Mardi Gras still shouts “fun!” at the top of its lungs. This ship introduces Zones — six themed areas packed with brand-new experiences for eating, drinking and spectacularly getting down to fun. There's BOLT®, the first-ever rollercoaster at sea, Emeril's Bistro 1396™ from yes-that-Emeril, Family Feud™ Live for everybody... plus incredible new bars like The Brass Magnolia and Fortune Teller. Everybody can enjoy Mardi Gras, sailing now. Come on down!

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7-night Exotic Eastern Caribbean Cruise02/24/2024CALL

7-night Exotic Western Caribbean Cruise04/27/2024from $938

7-night Exotic Eastern Caribbean Cruise06/29/2024from $1,258

8-night Exotic Eastern Caribbean Cruise08/31/2024from $1,538

7-night Exotic Eastern Caribbean Cruise11/02/2024from $1,253

7-night Exotic Western Caribbean Cruise01/04/2025from $1,273

7-night Exotic Eastern Caribbean Cruise03/08/2025from $1,343

8-night Exotic Eastern Caribbean Cruise05/10/2025from $1,688

6-night Exotic Eastern Caribbean Cruise07/13/2025from $1,468

14-night Carnival Journeys: Transatlantic Cruise09/13/2025from $1,678

7-night Exotic Eastern Caribbean Cruise12/20/2025from $1,743

7-night Exotic Eastern Caribbean Cruise03/14/2026from $1,393

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