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Great cruise


Pros: Everyone was very attentive and friendly

Cons: You were on your own if you didn't partake in the excursions

Recommended: No

Was our first cruise and really liked the smaller cruise ship. The ship was beautiful and clean ...all of the staff was very friendly. Only negatives I would say is .....the bars should be open more. Especially before dinner for a drink. The observation bar had limited hours. the same with the Blue Eye. The food was good but could have been a little better and different each day. Biggest thing was...if you wanted to just go off on your own off the boat, there was no direction as to beaches...taxi's or things to see. You were kind of on your own. No one seemed to know anything. It was also extremely hot when we went....might go a different month next time. All in all ....we had a wonderful time on our trip though !


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