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Central Sea Terrace Stateroom

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For Sailors who prefer to be the midship, this cabin has all the comforts and amenities of one of The Sea Terrace cabins but is positioned closer to the action. Featuring nautically inspired brass and leather finishings, this sensory and responsive clever cabin has it all from the personal tablet, intuitive mood lighting, music controls, movie streaming, one-touch room service, European queen, transitional Seabed, hand-woven terrace hammock and upgraded bathroom experience with a Roomy Rainshower. Sleeps up to three. Size - Interior: 185 square feet / 17.19 square meters. Terrace: 40.3 square feet / 3.75 square meters. Accessible: Interior - 288 square feet / 26.76 square meters. Terrace: 68 square feet / 6.3 square meters.

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5-night Dominican Daze Cruise05/24/2024CALL

5-night Dominican Daze Cruise07/05/2024from $910

5-night Dominican Daze Cruise08/16/2024from $700

5-night Dominican Daze Cruise09/27/2024from $706

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées11/13/2024from $898

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées12/26/2024from $918

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées02/05/2025from $910

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées03/19/2025from $975

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise04/30/2025from $988

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise06/25/2025from $1,069

5-night Dominican Daze Cruise08/29/2025from $1,043

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise10/29/2025from $907

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