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XL Sea Terrace Stateroom

Category TX

Perfect for those who make getting ready a serious art, this sensory and responsive clever cabin has nautically inspired brass and leather finishings, a personal tablet, intuitive mood lighting, music controls, movie streaming, one-touch room service and a supremely comfy European queen, transitional Seabed. Plus the large, perfectly partitioned, upgraded walk-in bathroom has enough space for two. Even the Roomier Rainshower boasts just the right amount of space for some “we” time. Sleeps up to three. Size: Interior - 225 square feet / 20.9 square meters. Terrace: 40.3 square feet / 3.74 square meters Accessible: Interior - 326.8 square feet / 30.36 square meters. Terrace: 68 square feet / 6.32 square meters.

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5-night Dominican Daze Cruise05/24/2024CALL

5-night Dominican Daze Cruise07/05/2024from $910

5-night Dominican Daze Cruise08/16/2024from $700

5-night Dominican Daze Cruise09/27/2024from $706

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées11/13/2024from $898

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées12/26/2024from $918

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées02/05/2025from $910

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées03/19/2025from $975

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise04/30/2025from $988

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise06/25/2025from $1,069

5-night Dominican Daze Cruise08/29/2025from $1,043

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise10/29/2025from $907

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