Sailing Monohull: Moorings 48.4 - 4 Cabin Monohull

The Moorings

Oceanview Staterooms

Stateroom 1

Category OV

Features: Forward Cabin: Forward Cabin Headroom: 6ft 4in / 1.92. Central double bed (1.38m x 0.75m x 2.10m / 4ft 6in x 2ft 6in x 6ft 11in. Grey covered foam mattresses. Hanger closets - Cubby hole locker - Base cabinet. Access door for the head. 1 Hull porthole. 1 Flush deck hatch. Aft Cabins: Aft Cabin headroom: 6ft 1in / 1.86m. Double bed (1.55m x 1.35m x 2.05m / 5ft 1in x 4ft 5in x 6ft 9in). Grey covered foam mattresses. Cupboard - Hanging locker - Stowage. Storage space along the full length of the bed. Access door for the head. 1 Large size hull port with curtain. 1 Flush deck hatch. 1 Cockpit window. Grey covered foam mattresses. 1 Porthole opening onto cockpit.