Traditional Icelandic Cooking Lesson at an Elegant Home in Central Reykjavik - Day Trip from $232

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Albert and Bergthor are an absolutely delightful couple living in central Reykjavik. Two art and music lovers, Bergthor is a professional opera singer who is also a talented artist - ask him to show you the original art that is the basis for the wall tapestry he created. Albert is the cook in the family, he went to culinary school and worked in restaurants for years before changing careers and becoming a professional hair stylist. Albert prepares beautiful dishes that are inspired by the traditional homestyle cooking he grew up with. Enjoy elegantly plated dishes in their apartment just off of Reykjavik's main shopping street. Albert might treat you to a singing performance on his beautiful grand piano! Ask about both of their amazing backgrounds - from Bergthor's book (a guide to etiquette) to Albert's museum that he created in northeastern Iceland on the history of French fisherman in Iceland. Join Bergthor and Albert for a three-course meal of traditional Icelandic dishes in their elegantly appointed apartment. Your meal will be prepared by Albert, the cook in the family. Enjoy a plated first course of lax (salmon) topped with a mustard-spiced mixture of leeks and breadcrumbs, or a traditional Icelandic salted cod dish that is prepared over 24 hours. Your first course will be followed by a "amma style" roasted lamb ("Grandma's" lamb from the mountains of Iceland), served with caramelized potatoes (sykurbrúnadar kartfolur) and salad with pomegranates or other seasonal fruit. For dessert enjoy "skyr terta" an Icelandic yogurt cake, or Albert’s Rhubarb “Pie” in the summer months - Albert’s mother’s recipe that he made every day for 10 years in his coffee shop. Your experience will include a cooking demonstration where you will learn to make a first course of an Icelandic fish dish, which might be either a baked salmon or traditional salted cod dish. You will also learn to make sykurbrúnadar kartfolur, a traditional Icelandic dish of caramelized potatoes (which will be served with a lamb dish, prepared in advance by your hosts) and a dessert. Please note that this is a cooking demonstration, not a full hands-on cooking class. After the food has been prepared you will enjoy your meal in Albert and Bergthor's elegant dining room. Coffee will be served with dessert. Please note that Bergthor and Albert request a minimum of four guests.

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