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So maybe you’ve had sushi on a cruise before, but you’ve never had it like Bonsai Sushi, an onboard seafood-and-soy-sauce spot. Dine amidst expertly-pruned bonsai trees while enjoying sit-down service and an affordable menu of delectable sushi and sashimi… plus rolls, soups, sides, sakes, and desserts.

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7-night Mexican Riviera Cruise04/25/2024from $708

4-night Baja Mexico Cruise06/09/2024from $468

4-night Baja Mexico Cruise07/21/2024from $508

7-night Mexican Riviera Cruise09/07/2024from $1,123

5-night Mexican Riviera Cruise11/09/2024from $788

6-night Mexican Riviera Cruise12/20/2024from $1,278

4-night Baja Mexico Cruise02/02/2025from $633

5-night Mexican Riviera Cruise03/15/2025from $938

4-night Baja Mexico Cruise04/27/2025from $658

5-night Mexican Riviera Cruise06/12/2025from $1,038

5-night Mexican Riviera Cruise08/21/2025from $953

5-night Mexican Riviera Cruise10/07/2025from $768

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