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Three courses and no pretension, This kinda-fancy dining event brings a variety of food options. Plenty of Dining venues and some of them are Seafood Shack, Ol’Fashioned BBQ, Blue Iguana Cantina, Guys Burger Joint, Steak house, Guys’s Burger Joint, Lido Restaurant, Pizza Pirate, The Chefs Table, Seaday Brunch, The Carnival Deli, Breakfast Grill and many more.

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7-night Exotic Western Caribbean Cruise02/25/2024from $798

3-night Bahamas Cruise05/24/2024from $528

4-night Bahamas Cruise06/24/2024from $668

3-night Bahamas Cruise07/26/2024from $573

4-night Bahamas Cruise08/26/2024from $688

3-night Bahamas Cruise09/27/2024from $578

4-night Bahamas Cruise10/28/2024from $653

3-night Bahamas Cruise11/29/2024from $588

4-night Bahamas Cruise12/30/2024from $963

4-night Bahamas Cruise02/03/2025from $638

4-night Bahamas Cruise03/17/2025from $753

4-night Bahamas Cruise04/28/2025from $708

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