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Carnival brings to the table a full three courses in an experience that’s filling, but never stuffy-after all, you’re just as likely to catch waiters table-dancing as you are to order dessert.

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Carnival Radiance  |  Cruises

4-night Baja Mexico Cruise05/20/2024from $388

3-night Baja Mexico Cruise06/21/2024from $473

4-night Baja Mexico Cruise07/22/2024from $478

3-night Baja Mexico Cruise08/23/2024from $698

6-night Mexican Riviera Cruise10/07/2024from $588

3-night Baja Mexico Cruise11/22/2024from $598

6-night Mexican Riviera Cruise01/06/2025from $978

14-night Carnival Journeys Cruise - Hawaii03/09/2025from $1,898

4-night Baja Mexico Cruise05/05/2025from $648

3-night Baja Mexico Cruise06/13/2025from $723

4-night Baja Mexico Cruise07/14/2025from $868

3-night Baja Mexico Cruise09/19/2025from $598

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